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Offering Management

Offering Management is a set of tools and methods that improve business performance through automated collaboration of Sales, Production, R&D and Maintenance in any organization.

What is Offering Management?

An offering is a product, software or service that is offered for sale.
Every company must rethink their offering to survival due to digital disruption, buying behavior changes and possible new competition in the market.

Offering Management is re-imagining what and how you can sell, produce and provide services for your offerings.
Offering Management manages the full product life cycle of an offering, including the validated requirements; the defined business model; and configuration capabilities for mass-customization, marketing, sales, production, services and support.

Why is Offering Management important now?

Digital disruption and buying behavior changes are the main forces driving companies into rethinking their offerings for survival in increasing competition.
Think about how your expectations towards the user experience of a mobile phone or a mobile app have changed during the past ten years? How many services or product-based ecosystems are you subcscribed to?

With digital products (eg. apps) it is the new normal to expect a flawless, personalized and continuously improving user experience. This is enabled by the capability to rapidly react to customer needs. Today, the ability to react to the constantly changing customer need sets apart successful and dying digital product companies.
Toady, similar market principles have started affecting the customer demand and expectations of physical products and services. The objective of Offering Management is to help companies develop business models, capabilities, processes and tools to a customer-driven age.

How is Offering Management changing you industry?

Identified advantages of Offering Management led companies

Sales Volume

With its roots in customer-centricity and intelligent product configurability, Offering Management builds the capability to respond to a wide and fragmented market demand at an uncompromised pace.

Increased Customer Retention

Companies with the capability to deliver personalized offerings along the customer lifecycle have an improved customer retention rate and higher profitability.

Faster Time-To-Market

Offering Management tools and methods improve the capability to respond quicker to changing demand. This enables companies to develop faster product cycles and thus remain relevant with their offerings.

Faster Key Hires

Offering Management forces streamlining communication between the production, delivery and service chain. By breaking these organizational barriers the focus in recruitment shifts towards challenge and purpose oriented roles rather than task based positions, This enables clearer specification of required roles and smarter ways of of working, which in return provides a powerful interest factor for employee candidates.


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How to get started with Offering Management?

Planning and executing a Offering Management driven strategy? sponsor Variantum provides end-to-end Offering Management solutions and as part of our service we support our clients in Offering Management initiatives starting from the planning phase of the project.

We are glad to help get you on track and let you know how to approach Offering Management in your organization. Let us know if you would like to know more, or visit for more in-depth information on Offering Management solution.

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